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We are happy to know that you got interested in the art of the Russian icon painter Yuri Kuznetsov. It would be great if the icons in “Kuznetsov Style” gave joy not only to people in Russia but also those abroad.

Your opinion is very important for us, therefore we developed this section on our site. We respond to every message that comes to the project address. Unfortunately, some letters return marked with “address invalid.”

If you did not get our response to your letter within three days try to do the following:

- Resend the letter.

- If you can – send the letter from another postal address.

- Call Kristina Kondratyeva using the telephone number +7 (915) 131 00 33. Kristina can advise you in both English and Russian.

- Use communication form given below. Your request will be displayed on the site after a while since it has to go through moderation process. Within three days our response will appear below yours.

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A question:

Are prints available? I am sure I could not afford an original


Of course prints are available, we frame them. The price starts from 50$ and depends on size and type of frame.

Best regards,
Kristina Kondratyeva

A question:

Good morning

I have just found your site and marvel at the beauty of the written works of Yuri Kuznetsov. Can you tell me if any of his works are for sale. I am located in Canada?

Thank you


glad to know you like the icons.

Yes, I've some of the painted (tempera on wood) icons for sale

Ascension of the Lord
The Holy Mandylion
Christ the Ardent Eye
Our Lady of Kazan
The Softener of Evil Hearts (Seven-Arrowed)
Icon of the Mother of God "of Tenderness"
Theophany of the Holy Mother
Saint George’s Miracle with Serpent
Santa beata Matrona
St. Mihael the Archangel
St. Nicholas the Wonderworker
Venerable Sergius of Radonezh

Other option is to order an icon and Yuri will paint it for you or I could make a printed icon of an image you like

Best regards,
Kristina Kondratyeva

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