“The wondrous beauty!”
Alexis II, the 15th Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia

“It seems nowadays that it’s not easy to surprise and do something breathtaking, as if you witness the birth of miracle. Such are my feelings after seeing the Exhibition of Yu.E. Kuznetsov’s works. With several centuries of well-established Orthodox canons, with such originators as Andrei Rublev, Dionisy, Simon Ushakov, it’s just another way of vision and another art technique, consistent with deep insight into the spirit world of holy fathers and great martyrs, that are capable to give fresh impetus to comprehending the inconceivable in a qualitatively different manner.”

L. Zorin
Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences

“Reviving the Russian canonical icon while using French pointillism in painting it: who could even think of such thing, when and where if not in the solitude of the Russian life?”
A.K. Yakimovich
Doctor of Arts,
Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Arts

“Your icons vitalize and bring positive energy. They manifest the heavenly beauty to us and are slightly lifting the veil on the world, which can be seen by only few. <…> Your work is a symbol of Russia’s spiritual renewal for us. You are one of those giants upon whose shoulders this country must reach new levels of cultural life. I hope that your really sacred gift shall give an impetus to a new development of the Russian icon, and that Kuznetsov’s painting manner shall form the foundation of an icon painting school with the same name.”

B.I. Bulochnik
Chairman of the Management Board of Master Bank

“With your unique talent of penetrating into the inner essence of icon image, you have managed not only to reproduce the canon in your works but to further raise it closer to the Foretype. Your icons embody new cosmic worldview which is being established nowadays.”

Academician V.N. Demidov

“Decorative patterns of the icons are like ancient writing. They have not been deciphered yet, and I think Yuri Erosovich himself does not know how to do this as yet. These are the icons of the future.”

L.V. Shaposhnikova
Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences

“The time of troubles is passing away, and there comes the main moment in the life of every human being when he tries to find his own path in the life. It is very important that this path should be enlightened with God’s light. Therefore your art is vital to people, especially in this very trying time. Your icons like a roadmap accompany and support us throughout our lives and during our long-distance polar expeditions. Thank you for faith and help.”

A.N. Chilingarov
Public and political figure,
Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Hero of the USSR and the RF

“It is heart-warming that the good and holy traditions originated by ancient artists have not been lost or destroyed under the strain of social disruptions in Russia. And the opening Exhibition may serve as an example.”

Archbishop Evlogy of Vladimir and Suzdal
About the Retrospective Exhibition of Yu.E. Kuznetsov’s works in 2008, town of Vladimir

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